Dynamo Studio 2018?

Wondering if anyone know what the latest version of Dynamo Studio is?
I tried 2017.
Will there be a 2018?
Or is that irrelevant and it’s the version number thats relevant?



Got that…Thanks.
Dynamo Studio, is downloading as 2018 but is 2017.
Know anything about this Benjamin?
Thans for your reply.

Got a little more information.

What I’m getting is Dynamo Studio…2017 (uptodate)



That is the most recent version.

Thanks for letting me know thats the latest version
Guess I’m still wondering when and if there will be a 2018…if not a 2019…Dynamo Studio.



There are some functions for working with external 3d file formats (sat v5 obj) that are crucial to one of my workflows.

So I was wondering the same. What is the future of Dynamo Studio?

i asked the same thing a while ago and got no real answer, i was hoping to get studio to run on the 2.0 or 2.1 core but i wonder if dynamo studio is now EOL. it makes me think this since sandbox is back for 2.0

I wouldn’t go so far as to say anything is EOL. If you’re worried about a specific workflow please start a new topic with a topic like “1.x to 2.x conversion,” providing the relevant .dyn and sample files for others to help you out. If you’re worried about publicly displaying stuff a direct message to me could also work, but answers may be delayed by the day job and my coming travel (flying back home to Boston from Hong Kong this week).