Dynamo Studio 2017 is not working

Hello Senior,
I need some help and advice about how to activate dynamo studio 2017, I recently install this program into my D drive (bcoz i need to free up my C drive storage), but when after I have installed, it is failed to open and there was a message telling me to get Dynamo Core Version above 1.3 version… thus, I keep try to download DynamoCoreRuntime_2.3.0.4765_20190422T1030 and extracted all this files into my Dynamo Studio 2017 folder to replace the existing ones, but this step also fail to open Dynamo.
on the other hand, I only can open dynamo in revit 2020, but failed to open in dynamo standalone.
please see this video for clearly understand what I mean :


AFAIK dynamo studio 2017 will work with dynamo core 1.3 only, can you try to download that?

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Hi Michael,
Thanks for your response.
firstly I downloaded dynamo studio 2017 thru autodesk revit…
in my earlier attachment picture actually the error message said to use core 1.3 or above, I dont know why core 2.1 and also core 2.3 can not be worked on it.
Unfortunately I dont see any link or info about Core 1.3 in here : https://dynamobim.org/download/
would you please inform me further where to get that core 1.3 for dynamo studio 2017.
FYI, im using revit 2019 and currently just update to latest revit 2020.

have a nice day.


try one of the 1.3 builds from here:

Hi Mike…
I have go thru your reference link, but unfortunately there is no any DynamoCoreRuntime 1.3 version… I only saw 2.1 and 2.3 version for core runtime. And there few few version on dynamo install version 1.3.1 to 2.0.2. also dynamo revit 2.0.2 version. Im currently using revit 2020, im not sure are those can use in revit 2020, a lot of them are only for revit 2016,2017,2018,2019 not 2020.
However, If Im not mistaken I still can open dynamo in revit, but it can open as well in dynamo studio.
Please guide me, where to get core 1.3 bcoz that developer list none of that. Which one should I use to make dynamo studio 2017 work?


DynamoRevit1.3 exe is there - it will also install DynamoCore 1.3 - You should not use the DynamoCoreRuntime.zip files those are for experimenting with Dynamo open source standalone/ (Dynamo Sandbox)

As I said before - Dynamo Studio is not going to work with 2.x cores.

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