Dynamo Studio 2017 can't find Dynamo Core

I recently installed Dynamo Studio 2017 as part of my software collection. I have both Dynamo 1.3.3 & 2.0.1 installed on my machine. However, when I start Dynamo Studio I get the following error:

“Dynamo Studio 1.3 is not able to find an installation of Dynamo Core version 1.3 or higher.
Would you like to download the latest version of DynamoCore.msi from http:dynamobim.org now?”

If I click OK, it takes me www.dynamobim.org, but there is nothing on that page about .msi files. I’m wondering if it installed it in the wrong location and I just need to uninstall all versions of Dynamo & Dynamo Studio and start over.

Thanks in advance for the help.