DetailLine.FromCurve isn't working - Clockwork

Hi All,

I’m trying to use the DetailLine.FromCurve of the Clockwork package, and I it says that my Dynamo version ( isn’t compatible with some of its nodes.

Please, some help.

Thanks in advance.

It looks as if your package needs to be updated. Update the package and try again. I believe that if you’re trying to open an older script you’ll have to open the file in an older version of dynamo first.

This. Also make sure you don;'t download any other packages that rely on an old version of this node. There are a few out there.

Hi @john_pierson, for example whick packages?

I have these:

Also, I’m working in Revit 2016.

I think you need to remove turn into list and clockwork. Then reinstall clockwork

you nailded it! Thanks a lot!

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