Dynamo Standard Node List

Is there anywhere I can get a full list of standard nodes in Dynamo? You know, an old fashioned list of text.

The search is pretty useless, I keep coming across nodes used by others that search doesn’t find unless you type in the full name.

And if I forget the EXACT name of something I’ve used before I can’t find it again.

What I don’t understand is why, if I type in ‘parameter’ it doesn’t come up with every single node with the word ‘parameter’ in it.


I think it gets easier and easier to find your nodes the more you get involved with Dynamo, but especially for beginners it is clearly a little bit confusing at the beginning.

I know that Andreas Vogt did a list you are asking for, however it’s almost one year old, so I’m not sure if it really helps - you can find the discussion and the download link here:





The link is dead.

I don’t know how search in Dynamo is supposed to work.

Even going through the lists in Dynamo I don’t see nodes that can be found by searching for their EXACT name.


How can you find things other than remembering the exact name of every node?

You dont. Thats why Dynamo is for those adventerous that like to spend their pastime randomly clicking on icons and trying to remember their location only until the next release comes out when they are no longer in the same place so that we can keep trying to find them. Enjoy! …and thank you for using Dynamo. Please come again. :slight_smile:

Not sure if the below will be of much help, but here it goes.

Since a few releases ago, Dynamo got the ability to manipulate file directories. I hadn’t played with the functionality before but I decided to finally check it out and this seemed like a good way to test it out as any.
If you open Dynamo’s installation folder, you’ll find a few *.xml files. They contain the individual method assemblies that house the node names. However you’ll need to clear the excess XML formatting to expose the names.


Here’s the above graph and node:

node names