Node Nomenclature: Before and now


I am going through the tutorials and other videos online. In some videos I’ve hit a brick wall. Some of the video were created in an older version of dynamo where the node doesn’t seem to exist or it’s been renamed in today’s version (7.5).

For example, I’m watching Zach’s Intro video to dynamo ( and he’s finding nodes in his library that I don’t have (Flatten completely, Reference Point, Create family Instance, etc.)

Is there a list out there that would tell me the old vs.current naming of the node?

Thank you very much!!


Most nodes have similar names. Flatten completely is just called Flatten or you can use List.Flatten to control the amount. Any nodes relating to Revit or Vasari will only show in dynamo if you have the relevant family/project file open. As an example reference point nodes are only visible in dynamo when you open via the mass/adaptive component family environment, and create family instance would only be visible if you open through a project file in revit.

Mark - thank you for the reply.