Dynamo standalone...?

Does one need revit to load & run Dynamo standalone (Dynamo SandBox)?
Looking for Dynamo 2.0…2.0+
Dynamo Studio, which doesn’t require revit, only goes to version 1.3.0.

Are you looking for Dynamo Studio or Dynamo Sandbox?

Looking for Dynamo SandBox…do you need revit to install it?
Have Dynamo Studio…but it doesn’t go past version 1.3.0.
To clarify …I don’t have Revit.


It’s integrated with Alias and Fusion as well, so if you have those (or can get them) you can get it that way I believe. Otherwise a trial version can get you started.

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Install Revit, but don’t activate it (if you have no license)
Now Dynamo will install and you can use DynamoSandbox


Thanks Marcel and Jacob…that really helps.

That’s a really good answer for me…cause a 30 day trial won’t cut it,
I’m just too slow.

Anyone know if Dynamo Studio will be updated beyond 1.3…to
version 2.0 or better?

Wanted to work with Topologic, the new plug in from
the creator of DesignScript and OpenStudio.



@Jude please don’t create same topic as twice.

You can build dynamo sandbox from source. I showed how to build in this post:

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Anyone know if Dynamo Studio will be updated beyond 1.3…to
version 2.0 or better?


I have no news to share about a new build of studio.

Follow the forum and the dynamo blog and you’ll hear of any news if/when there is any.

Well thanks for all the replies.
Much appreciated.
Definitely will keep an eye out here.
Also will get around to trying some of the suggestions.

Not sure I will try the “build dynamo sandbox from source” …
as reposted by Kulkul.
I’m not that insane…yet!



Marcel’s suggestion worked!

Although one has to install Revit.
And locate the DynamoSandBox.exe file for creating the startup icon.
(pain in the ass, and it’s a standalone but with an unexecuted Revit installed…crazy)

Will checkout the other recommendations as time permits.



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Dynamo 2.1 now has a stand-alone installer of sorts available in the daily builds, which may also suit your needs and circumvent the need for Revit for some (though not necessarily all) users. Info can be found here:


Thanks JacobSmall.

I’ll check it out.


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