Downloaded 2.4.1 build... what file serves as 'Setup.exe' to launch the install?

I thought the recommended process to install Dynamo for the first time…

  • First Uninstall everything Dynamo. (should IronPython be uninstalled)
  • Then install the new build.

anything I am missing?
What executible should be used?.. there does not seem to be typical “Setup.exe”

Hello Mike,

There has been a change for how Dynamo interacts with Revit - namely it’s now treated as a feature of Revit. Please refer to this blog post for more information:

Also, Dynamo Sandbox can be better understood through this blog post: - Sandbox is a developer environment meant for early testing of features, feedback provision and testing packages.

What you are seeing is Dynamo Sandbox - you no longer have to install updates to Revit as they are part of the actual build process :slight_smile:

We’ll shoot. I have uninstalled everything Dynamo. Was this a mistake then?
And your blog posts you’ve pointed to are’t clear on how to install from download.

I have downloaded from

There are 5 executables there (image below). Which of these should be used?

Hey Mike - so sorry for the confusion :frowning: I’ll try to explain as best I can below!

If you have Revit 2020 onwards (Point releases or full versions) then Dynamo comes native with Revit now. If you are using Revit 2019 or earlier, then you can still use the installers on

The DynamoCoreRuntime of any version are Sandbox versions, and won’t be able to be used to install inside of Revit. Revit will release updates in their point releases moving forward. All of those executables will not talk to Revit - but rather are part of the Sandbox environment.

For your particular situation - uninstalling Dynamo wasn’t ideal. Can you please try the Revit installer to see if that repairs your problem? If not, please ping me again and we can resolve another way.

For my ‘particular situation’ … He was learning Dynamo under Revit 2019 with the default Dynamo that came with Revit 2019 but did not have Revit 2020 yet installed.

What are options to get him back up?

  • If I simply install Revit 2020 latest build, will that give him back his Dynamo?
  • Can he use with for his existing Dynamo files under either 2019 or 2020?

If you are in Revit 2019, please download the DynamoInstall2.0.3.exe stable build!

As you noted in your original post, best practise is to also uninstall previous versions.

If you install Revit 2020, you’ll get Dynamo 2.1 and if you get Revit 2020.1 you’ll get Dynamo 2.2.

It depends on what version of Dynamo you use - there are breaking changes between the 1.3.4 and 2.0 versions of Dynamo. However, you should be able to use Dynamo 2.1 graphs in Dynamo 2.0.3 as the file format is consistent.

Future functionality (i.e things released in Dynamo 2.1) will not be available in Dynamo 2.0.3, but if the functionality is the same, as most nodal functionality is, then it will work :slight_smile: