Dynamo Scripts works unstable

Dear Experts,
I created one medium size script with aprx.10000 elements. And ran and started to navigate to check node output in order to find my mistakes. Everything is Fine.
However, when navigating at script left, right, zoom in, zoom out dynamo suddenly starts to thinking long long time, making me impossible to navigate at script.
What can be reason of this problem?

You’ve consumed all the memory available, and the data in the nodes and status display is suffering as a result of the page faults.

Dear Jacob,
Thanks for information. Actually computer memory is 64GB.
I realized that when removing custom node with python script no any thinking happens.
Here is script. Any problem with it? :

# Load the Python Standard and DesignScript Libraries
import sys
import clr
from Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry import *

# The inputs to this node will be stored as a list in the IN variables.

s = 1
Sonuc = []
while s == 1:
    s = 0
    for a in range(len(Full)):
        if (len(Full[a])) == 2:
            if ((Start[0] == Full[a][0][0]) and (Start[1] == Full[a][0][1])) or ((Start[1] == Full[a][0][0]) and (Start[0] == Full[a][0][1])):
                Start[0] = Full[a][1][0]
                Start[1] = Full[a][1][1]
                Full[a][1][0] = "asdasdasdasd"
                Full[a][1][1] = "asdasdqweqwefasd"
                s = 1
            if ((Start[0] == Full[a][1][0]) and (Start[1] == Full[a][1][1])) or ((Start[1] == Full[a][1][0]) and (Start[0] == Full[a][1][1])):
                Start[0] = Full[a][0][0]
                Start[1] = Full[a][0][1]
                Full[a][0][0] = "asdasdasdasd"
                Full[a][0][1] = "asdasdqweqwefasd"
                s = 1
        if (len(Full[a])) == 1:
            if ((Start[0] == Full[a][0][0]) and (Start[1] == Full[a][0][1])) or ((Start[1] == Full[a][0][0]) and (Start[0] == Full[a][0][1])):
                s = 0

OUT = Sonuc

It doesn’t matter how much memory you have on the system if the memory isn’t allocated or the code is ineffective. Also memory consumption is cumulative so the Dynamo graph is t the only aspect in play - Revit itself requires 20x the file size and the size of all linked documents before it (and the applications which run on it such as Dynamo) you start to get into page faults.

As far as this Python, I can’t say without you providing more of the code base. From what I see it appears there is an unnecessary while, followed by a for loop which I am assuming will check 10,000 elements, followed by two consecutive if statements with no trailing else or elif… no memory management accounted for either. It might be as good as it can be, but if I was hired to review such a code base this would get some serious scrutiny.