Tips to improve the slow perfomance of dynamo's scriptting

Hi Everyone,

I have a problem with my current script, it is very slow to navigate through also I can’t even capture a screen shot as dynamo crashes iinstantly. I convereted some of my nodes to design script but no luck, any tips on improving the performance?

Probably not optimal, but encapsulating some of the parts of the script into custom node may help navigation in the script.

@mellouze I actually converted some of them into designscript custom node but still can’t work properly, i have lots of evaluation nodes with if, is there any other way of compacting the script ?maybe through special package that I am not aware of ?

I am not talking about Code blocks, but custom nodes :

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thanks alot mate it did the trick for me. i managed to package them under custom node. Is there a way of deleting these custom node later because they keep appearing as part of the adds-in?

You can delete the package you created (the one which the nodes belong to). You can manage the packages easily here :


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@mellouze Many thanks mustapha :slightly_smiling_face: