Dynamo scripts did not works in Revit 2022

Hi Everyone, could you pleaes help me with an issue? I have upgraded Revit 2019 to 2022, all my scripts work well in Revit 2019, but in 2022 it have . How can I fix this error?

Numerous reasons that are too much to troubleshoot without more info.

The main things I’d try:
Check for drop-down selections. I believe the scripts save these by index rather than by UID. So if a new version of Revit has brought in new categories/types/selections to those drop-downs, they’ll no longer be correct.

Check any custom Python for outdated API calls. Autodesk seems to subtly change a few of these every now and then.

Update any custom packages, for the same reason as above, they may have outdated API calls that have been fixed in a recent update that you’ve not yet installed.