Dynamo script wont open. Can be started from player


I seem to have a faulted Dynamo script. I cannot open it with Dynamo (Core 2.3.111775/Revit
Revit is updated to 2020.2.8. Wont open in other Revit version either. No error messages are displayed. Opening it only starts the ‘home’ screen (empty project).
Dynamo player is able to start the script (gives an run error, which to me is clear. depends on a setting to be made inside the script to differentiate between <2020 and =>2020.)
Other scripts from the same time saving work fine.
File can be read in Notepad++, does not seem corrupted there.
Can anyone recover this file?
I cannot find the backup anywhere.

Try this:

Rails - Prefix rails repaired by opening in Dyanmo Sandbox 2.13.dyn (404.7 KB)

Thank you very much.
This does the trick. I still am in the process of finalizing and cleaning up, was nearly there so to loose it would be kind of annoying.
But now it seems to open fine again.
Will make sue to create a backup copy more often.
Thanks again. :+1:

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For reference, the fix was to open it in Dynamo Sandbox, then save it without running, and open it again in Dynamo for Revit, and save again.