Dynamo script takes too long to open

Recently, I have been seeing some of my scripts takes too long (~10 minutes) to open. I face the same issue on different systems.
I found that if I do not group the nodes together the script runs fine. I usually group my nodes using Monocle.

Dynamo version: 2.0.4
Revit 2019.2

Attached dyn file

Place Points_2.0.4.dyn (32.2 KB)

Hi @theshysnail,
It took a while for me to open as well.
It might not be because of Monocle. There is a possibility it’s because of some binding (or some technical term like that).

Workaround for me was
Original file had:

If I delete these lines and make it as:
It opens just fine (<5 secs)


Makes me wonder what could cause these GUID sort of codes?
Maybe the dyn file is somehow storing the Revit elements’ data history?

But it worked fine in higher version of D4R for me, in Revit 2020.

Yes. This is how element binding works.

This post has more info: Element Binding in Revit


Seems like the splash screen for Dynamo should have HUGE letter that talks about Element Binding. So many questions related to it even after you and others have written about it so many times.


Thanks for sharing this well documented resource especially the AU class. It’s definitely new for me.