Change distance between levels

Hi, I am about to modeling a Residentienl project, and suddenly i had to change the distance between levels by adding 0.5m for each, please am looking for dynamo script to get done faster.


We’re going to need more information. What is your reasoning for Dynamo over manually adjusting the levels? Adjusting the levels will move anything associated with them. Do you have elements that are not associated with a level that have to be moved as well? What have you tried so far? What issues are you running into?

yes, i need all the elements to move up with the levels, the reasoning for doing it with dynamo is because there is a lot of levels, which could take a considerable amout of time if i went through manualy.

Show us what you’ve tried. There should be similar threads about filtering elements by level which would be helpful.

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If your elements are properly hosted it goes pretty quickly.
Unless you are one of those offices that overuses level for thing like top of wall and bottom of window ridge of roof etc. (Bad workflow.)

If you are doing residential. you should have only a few levels. One for each level.

You can move levels in Dyanmo easy enough, but it isn’t going to do much better than doing it manually. You’ll still get the same error messages for things that aren’t properly hosted.

Manually - in elevation - grab all the levels above the first level and move them up. This limits changes to one level at a time. Then select all elements above the second level and move them up. Keep repeating. I’ve done it many times and if the model is properly hosted - everything goes smoothly.

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Actually yes! evrything is properly hosted, i am used to do it manually, but as its repetitive, i wanted to creat a script even for futur use,

In that case it should be pretty straight forward just reading and writing back to the level elements.

this added the same amount (0.46), for all the levels, but it keeps the same distance between them, but what i need is to add 0.46 to the first level and (0.46*2) for the second and so on, if u understand me

Yup. Just create a range of numbers for each level you have and multiply. (n * 0.46)