Dynamo + Revit API Hide section head / tail in view by instance

Hello anyone there,

I try to hide section head symbol (not the entire section) in view. This is possible for grids and levels symbol but not for sections. Yes, I know, they below to different classes in Revit API but I think should be possible to be hide in view.

What I know until now:
Hide GridBubble in View - yes, work for datum elements (levels, grids) - not for sections, because isbubblevisibleinview is not apply to sections.

From Jeremy post I understood the section head is generic ElementType instances and can be call by their name - it’s work in dynamo to take the Family Type.

In Revit can be hide one by one using Cycle Section Head / Tail but I don’t know how to make it quickly in Dynamo and API and Python.

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Just create a new type without a section head and change the type when you need to…

Thanks for reply Nick.
This is possible… but the same section should be seeing in another view with a head / tail.

So, this will not help so much. :expressionless:

Sounds like hide in view should work. If you don’t want to see the tail and head then you shouldn’t want the line either.

I have some sections along a curve. My interest is to keep only the section line, but without to deactivate it from the family type - as you can see in below picture on the left side.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Ah! That’s a tough one then.

Using a reference line or plane might be a decent workaround until something better comes along.

I hope someone proves me wrong but I don’t think it’s possible at the moment. I would try the alternative approach which Jacob suggested - creating detail lines in place of the sections and hiding the actual sections in that view.