Dynamo result in revit zoom to fit far from origin

hi, new to BIM (revit and dynamo). when dynamo input runs in family of revit, it shows very far from the plane. and when I load it in the project that is in true coordinates, result is still very far. I use the true coordinates point (xyz) in doing the dynamo.

i will also attach the dynamo script and tunnel family

MH7A TO MH03.dyn (14.3 KB)

Your origin in Dynamo is the same as the origin in Revit, so you need to move the points accordingly
In the GeniusLoci package are some nodes that can help you here.


hello, thank you for your reply. I downloaded the GeniusLoci Package but I don’t see where I can set my output origin to match the project on revit. can you screenshot which one should I use?


A few nodes to transform the coordinates or select the given elements.