Dynamo origin is not the same as the one in Revit

I create a circle with the origin in Dynamo. And I found the origin in Revit is not the same as in Dynamo. So what the problem here? I hope these two points are in the same position.

Are you in a family or project environment? If you are in a family the reference plans have probably been moved from the default position.

In Revit, is this the origin or project basepoint? Start a new file with a blank template (choose none) and test again.

Yes, it was the problem of the template. Now I just wondering how to fix this problem.

Right click the project base point and choose move to origin (my phrasing may be wrong). You can also use Dynamo to create a model line ending on the 0,0,0 point and then move it manually once you have something to snap to.

I really appreciated that. Thank you.

I can’t solve the problem by this method.