Dynamo problem: nodes are not visible, dynamo is very slow and functions are frozen

a colleague has a problem with dynamo.
He has Revit 2017 and Dynamo 1.3.

  1. the nodes of Dynamo scripts are not visible (OOTB-nodes)
  2. interaction with Dynamo is very slow, for example the start from Revit
  3. if a script is open, you can’t select a function or anything else

    We deleted all packages and Dynamo 1.3 and reinstalled Dynamo 1.3 (last version), but the problems are the same.
    What can i try to solve this problem?

EDIT: In Revit it isen’t possible to choose between Version 1.2 or 1.3 (maybe this is important)

Is 0.9 installed on your system? if not needed anymore, do uninstall 0.9

No, 0.9 is not installed, but 1.2. Do i need to delete 1.2?

Nah, I’ve had many issues with 0.9 AND 1.3 installed. After I uninstalled 0.9 all my problems were gone.
I have 1.2 and 1.3 both installed ( I can’t even uninstall 1.2 I believe) fyi.

Looks like it was a bad update, but try checking the graphics card first. Need to force dynamo to always use the high end card not a mix.

If that doesn’t work uninstall all things dynamo, run microsoft’s FixIt utility to ensure the registry is good and install only 1.3.2.

The autodesk support says, thats a bigger problem (they didn’t describe it)…
The developer can’t handle it now, but they working on it…
They said, only a completely cleaned and reinstalled pc/software would be a solution…

Yes: uninstall all things dynamo, run FixIt utility to ensure all things dynamo are gone, and install a clean version of 1.3.

This is the clean version my colleague mentioned.

I did already everything you mention (more than once). And they did it too. Nothing helped.
They want a fresh new pc…so new Windows installation.

Ok. Did they collect any system information so we can recreate?

diden’t know…but they closed the support case

I’ll pm you.

Jacab gave me the tip to start a script with Dynamosandbox.
Everything worked fine there. So i checked some add-ins.

The Add-in GeberitPluviaRevit has caused the problem.

Thanks for help

Hi Jacob, I had the same issue today with Revit 2018 and Dynamo 1.3.4. Is there any way I can check my plug-ins?

How too is here: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/revit-products/learn-explore/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/How-to-Disable-Add-Ins-for-Revit-Products.html

Best to remove them in batches, or as a binary search of sorts (half at a time to narrow it down) if you have a lot. Checking your console log in Dynamo can also help.

i tried uninstall all packages and it worked.

Hi @fathygad packages or packages and addins? were you able to narrow it down to one or a few packages interacting?

I have been having this problem for a few weeks now. I’ve finally found the cause. It was an App. The one that caused the problem for me was SmartRevitDock.addin which is the Tools 4 BIM plugins from AGA-CAD

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So I recently encountered the same problem in 2020 while using Revit 2019. Some of the signs I witnessed were:

  1. Dynamo was launching really slowly.
  2. File opening in dynamo got slow as well even on manual mode.
  3. Upon the .dyn file opening up finally, all the dynamo nodes (including the OOTD nodes) had disappeared and only node connections were visible.
    NOTE: I have not tried using such a corrupted script from Dynamo Player.

Solution: The same as mentioned by @mboyntonYS3J6
Just a day ago I had installed a bunch of new Revit add ins. In my case too the Add in named “Tools 4 BIM” turned out to be the culprit. So I removed the said Add in and it fixed the issue immediately.

Steps taken for fixing the issue:

  1. Close the Revit software.
  2. Open the folder at following link, type your Revit version at the end:
  3. Cut the folder of the said Add in to any other location.
  4. Launch Revit again and it will be fixed.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Hi All,

I had the same issue today with Revit 2021 and Dynamo 2.6. I fixed this issue by following the steps below.

  1. Close your Dynamo if it is opened. Browse C:\Users<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit and locate 2.6 (the issue is with Dynamo 2.6)
  2. Rename this folder as OLD or with any name.
  3. Start Dynamo from Revit. This will recreate the folder as 2.6.

Note: You have to add the path in “Manage Path settings” if you are using custom package path locations.

Hope this helps.
Dhanjeet Sah


Thanks @dhanjeet, that sorted it out.