Dynamo Polygons to Revit

Hi, im trying to get my polygons to Revit (permanetly).
Polygons are a kind of curves, but note “DetailLine.FromCurve” does not work.

  1. Is there a note that transforms the polygones to Revit geometrie, or detailline?
  2. I need to get the area size of the Surface enclosed by the polygon.

Any help would be great!Cheers

See here for instance:
…also plenty of examples to be found using the search field…

Polygons, as 2-dimensional elements, aren’t possible in Revit. They’d need a thickness to become a solid first. You can convert them to a Filled Region but that’s as close to a 2D item as you’re going to get.

Hello and sorry to disagree: it’s possible to import a 2D element with ModelCurve.ByCurve, for instance… :slight_smile:

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Oh, yes, brain fart - for some reason I thought we were talking about polygons as surfaces. Totally correct, as a 2D outline, easy as pie.

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This to avoid everyone to lose precious time: