Dynamo Player organizing

I’ve created a few scripts. But my Dynamo player screen is now more than one page. Anyone come up with a way to create sub-folders to hold different types of scripts? I.E. Pipes, Duct, etc.


I discussed it in this post, Deploy Dynamo to the whole organization without IT We put numbers in the beginning to categorize them. I don’t remember who it was, but another company put hashtags at the end of the graph name. I also beleive Danamo BIM youtube channel mentioned doing something like this.


Subfolders are not a function for Dynamo Player unless users can click the folder path button to change folders often.

What I suggest is what some other people are doing (myself included) by putting {Search Terms} in graphs names for the filter feature to help. This way the graph names can be searched for terms like “PIPE”
Paired with anything that’s a series of graphs being names with 0,1,2 in the names so if you search “Mech Setup” in the player filter it would show a series of graphs in the one folder for setting up mechanical l models

this webinar on Archsmarter is great for this topic. ~30 min in is the player talk.
Workshop Recording - April 30, 2020 - Beyond the Graph - ArchSmarter -

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That’s what I was looking for, the Archsmarter webinar! They had the “hashtags” for searching.

yeah googling it just opens the pdf download link for the slides, I had to find the video on the ArchSmarter website archives