Dynamo Player - Automatic Run

I like this idea on the revit idea station,


I have more concerns with this than excitement.

  1. How would it deal with the enevitable ‘someone already owns that element’ issue which will cause continuous issues ?
  2. How often will I have to disable it on a low level user with low level hardware who is only on the model to print or note up a schedule or do detailing as their hardware wouldn’t have enough giddy up to run most model wide script(s) well?
  3. How many more hours will I have to work to make up for the backround processing happening every time I sync, open, save, ? Remember Revit ad therefore Dynamo can’t take advantage of multiple cores for most efforts, while working so that backround script would lock down the system every time it runs.

I suppose a select series of operations which require next to zero power could be run periodically on every machine, but anything I can think up would have so little impact that I don’t see the value… well other than a second, third, fourth and fifty third ‘hey jackass you forgot to sync!’ reminder. That would be nice. Then again that would likely only lead to more “cancel” clicks. :persevere:


You sounds right, but if the revit team can come up with a way to solve this problems, will be great.

I agree. I think multi-core processing would be a requirement, and that’s a really big overhaul. Like gargantuan. If they give us true multi-core processing and nothing else in a release it would be awesome enough that I wouldn’t care about not getting any other new goodies to play with.