Periodic Script in Dynamo Player

Can I run a script periodically in dynamo player? How? ( saving scripts with “periodic” doesn’t do it )
if not, is this a planned feature?

Actually come to think of it, is there something like a roadmap for dynamo’s development?

Sorry for asking more than 1 question but I’d feel bad splitting this up.

It’s perfectly fine to split it up, actually better, to keep the forum more tidy.
As far as I know Dynamo runs, either automatically which means it will change if an input changes, or simply when you press the run button, it doesn’t really seem to do “time” in general.

I was afraid of that.

The annoying part is that I actually have a few scripts that would really benefit from being autorun over time or modelchanges.
Very “lightweight” scripts that help me manage my model.
( Putting all wall sweeps in a selection set so that I can filter them for example )

As for the question; I’ll make a seperate question about the roadmap. Seems to be the only one really off-topic

There might be a way to do so though, but that’s not my expertise at all.

Add a date node to the graph and you can select periodic from the runethid down below.

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@jacob.small Yes, but it doesn’t work in the dynamo player :frowning:
The only thing I can do right now is have dynamo running in the background with the script on periodic. It’s a bit silly but it works.

Correct. Dynamo player is a ‘run when I tell you to’ type script.

You wouldn’t want a periodic run which interacts wth your Revit model as you would periodically take ownership of elements unrelated to your current task, and lock up what you’re up to mid thought while the script runs.

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Hmm yeah that is an unfortunate side-effect. However that doesn’t appear to have stopped some third-party plugin developers from doing just that in their plugins. We’ve been bugged by this problem for some time now but as long as you sync regularly it’s not the biggest problem in the world.

Granted these 3rd parties can hook into events and updaters to respond to specific changes, whereas a timed script would just take hold of everything regardless.

Watching updaters and such would help reduce the issue some, I’m just not sure that you’d get much more value than you do by checking each morning. Personally I also prefer to know when the large changes are being pushed into a model. At one point that I considered tracking each time a graph is run, who ran it, and what elements it touched. Scrapped the idea in favor of not wanting to introduce big brother into the environment.