Dynamo Placing FloorPlans


new to the community so i apologize if this is a little off;

Looking for advice with an easy dynamo script or a plug-in!; ive been looking around and am trying to find a script that can place a around 50 views all at the same point on a sheet. Think floor plans for a high rise and I just have a bunch of floors. Each floor needs to get placed on a sheet in the same location.

It would be a plus if it could do floor plans and RCPs all at the same time!

Thanks in advance!

Sheet.ByNameNumberAndViews node should get you started. It’s pretty straightforward once you do the Dynamo Primer.

Just to add that if you are looking to add views to existing sheets, take a look at SteamNodes’ Tool.PlaceViewsOnExistingSheets node. It allows you to select a point on an existing sheet at which to place your view. This is really helpful when you have multiple building segments. For example when you need all the views for segment A to be in a different location than the views for segment B.

One trick to getting all of your views to line up is to unload any of the linked models that appear in the views you are looking at placing. This ensures that your viewport will match your crop region. As an MEP consultant we run into this issue fairly often, where a background model’s grids will extend the viewport beyond the crop region and will throw off the point placement of our views. An added bonus is that this method will also help your script to run quicker.