Dynamo Parts Selection

Hi there,

I am having trouble with the process of selecting parts using Dynamo.

Dynamo seems to list Part elements that do not show up in the Revit model e.g. the selection of included parts gives me a list of 282 elements, but when i count how many actual parts i have in my Revit model i only have 16 included parts.

I will also add that from my graph you can see a list of Excluded parts totally 40, that total does actually match up with the number of excluded elements within my Revit model. Can i anybody shed some light on this issue?

Many Thanks

Hi Luke,

For sure Dynamo can’t be wrong :slight_smile: . To check this you need to go to view and isolate elements(Part) which your getting and connect to the custom node “IsolateInView” node. Make sure you click on show parts on parts visibility settings.

Hi KulKul,

I had previously tried that. I used the select in revit node and then manually isolated those elements in 3D view and then did a box grab and the revit selection still showed 16 parts. Yes the first instance of using the select in revit node, Revit would still tell me i had 282 parts. These would appear to be ghost/invisible parts. The only topic i had found on this was from the below but there appeared to be no resolution:

It would appear as if dynamo is selecting all variations of that part from when you split it e.g. if you had a wall part and split it into 2, dynamo would select 3 elements (1 original part & 2 new parts).


Hi All,

There is a good video showing how to get all elements having parts in a model

Dynamo - Get All Elements having Parts in A Model

Hope it is helpful for you!