Automating the creation of bill of quantities in my office

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I am trying to setup an easy automatic solution for everyone in my office for the bills of quantities. Right now this is tedious repetitive task, takes a lot of time and is done manually. I am an architect, no programming knowledge, so I choose Dynamo. Until yesterday everything was going smooth and nice.

The workflow that I am trying to automate with Dynamo goes like this: select all not excluded wall parts from a Revit file, by specified material, read several parameters and write them in a template Excel file. Should be easy, right? But when I run it I get more parts in Dynamo then there are in Revit. These extra wall parts, when selected by ID in Revit behave strange: I see their properties, but I can’t see them in any view (including 3D) even when I isolate them and zoom to fit there is nothing in the workspace. What is a mystery to me is that when I run a material takeoff from inside Revit the schedule is normal and correct and the total count of the wall parts is right.

So I must be doing something wrong, but I dont know what it is. Please take a look at my graph, any help will be appreciated.



Can you please upload Revit file and Dynamo script to investigate in detail?

Hi Julian, The reason why your not seeing parts is because you need to activate show parts on your properties. Regarding your schedule not matching with dynamo. It is possible for you to put here rvt file in order to have closer look. It can be due to some reason.

Yes, I am uploading both the revit and dynamo files.

Dynamo graph

Revit file:

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