Dynamo - Packaging Native Nodes - Unstable/Unreliable

There appears to be some critical flaws when attempting to package a collection of native nodes into a custom node.

If the custom node utilizes lacing, mapping, or any other type of node that has and open “input” without a connector will cause some serious issues.

the sample definition works great, providing a list of booleans for whether or not the project contains specified types. Simple right?



















Now Package that as a node like this:






















Great, now update the definition to use this node like this:

Dynamo - Query Family Exists - Definition as Node


















Run the definition. Congrats you’ve just deleted all elements related to these families from your project, and purged them from the database…seriously!

What gives? This seems like such a simple approach. I would really like to take advantage of custom nodes to minimize the clutter on large efforts but the requirement of supporting empty inputs as shown on the “list.Contains” node above is absolutely necessary.

So far I’m guessing the only solution is to just jump to Python and don’t create nodes from native content? (Designscript suffers the same fate)


Is anyone else struggling with these types of instabilities?