Dynamo Packages

Hi, wanting to set everyone up with dynamo packages in the office. Is there a way to link everyone’s dynamo to a packages folder on the sever?


Take a look here:

awesome. thank you!

When i linked someones dynamo packages to a folder on the sever. It dosnt list all packages from the package folder to dynamo. Only some. Am i doing something wrong?

Just copied all nodes from packages into one folder. Seemed to solve problem.

You shouldn’t have to put them in the same folder. You should be able to leave the folderstructure as is, and just copy everything from your package folder to the designated place on the server.

Yeah I thought it was strange. I tried copying everything from my package folder. With my settings that was in there and without. Also tried linking at different points in the folder structure. Ill test some things out again tonight. Anyone know of more specific instructions?

Below is the path linked and not all packages linking through. Sorry about poor image quality.

This is how it looks in mine and if i put all nodes in one folder for other computers.

am i doing something wrong?