Is there a way to export Dynamo packages?

Hello, is there maybe a way to export all packages I’ve downloaded, to easily install on another computer?

You can just copy the package folders to new users. Check your Node and Package Paths to see where you might have them all saved.


Worked like a charm! You saved me 30 mins of download time.

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We store ours on a network folder and set every bodies dynamo package path to that folder. So when our developers install and update packages it automatically gets picked up by all other machines on the network.

If your doing off network transfers, then yea, a flash drive works pretty well.


I think eventually we would have to go this route. Thanks for the advice very useful.


If you transmit your Packages over the internet, you probably will have to unblock all the DLLs for Windows on the new computer.


you also might want to follow this PR:

That would be an improvement. Even better would be an option to get all the required Packages at once.