Dynamo Newbie ....modelling challenge

Hi Everyone,

So I’ve been challenged to model a reception counter as per the below image as example.

As a Revit user, I’m inclined to think using Generic model adaptive rfa. Would work for this. I’m just not convinced I could get the accuracy of the leather stitching and curvature of the edges correctly with parametric control

The idea is that I can model the front padding of the counter as per the images and use it as a shared family in Revit, which I can nest to apply material parameters to. I should then be able displace the family in a project environment

Anyone who can help me through this will be of tremendous help.
Thanks in advance.

Regards, Dirang (from South Africa).

Ah the horrors of hospitality design…

If I had a dollar for every time I had to re-adjust these sort of items in a way which broke the families I’d built to accomplish the previous design, causing me to waste time rebuilding to change button spacing or pattern or whatever…

In any case this isn’t a finished product yet but it’ll get you started. I’ll likely revisit this in a few weeks/months to add stuff like the buttons and perhaps some piping/trim detail.


While this doesn’t perfectly match your intent image, the idea holds consistent and you can modify it to suit your needs. All you have to do is figure out how to select the spots you want to push and program how much you want to push them. Hope it helps.