Need internal plaster surface modeling in Revit model

I am Suman Paul, I am a Revit user. Now, I am suffering to model internal plaster work and take-off the quantity for plaster surfaces. I need the plaster quantity for vertical surfaces & ceiling surfaces considering the internal spaces with wall, column, beam and ceiling surfaces. Attached model for your reference…

Please check & solve the issue…

Thank you
Suman Paul

Look into the material takeoff tool in Revit. These forums are not for doing people’s work and research for them, please read the forum rules to have a better chance of receiving any assistance.

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Sir, I need create finish surface model on wall, beam, column & ceiling. Then I have take quantity from this. Have any script here…


If you read the rules you will see that the forums require you to show evidende of;

  1. Trying to learn dynamo
  2. Sharing your efforts
  3. Explaining where you need help
  4. Not asking for free work

I cannot help you further, but maybe someone else will see beyond these rules.

Like I said, the task you are trying to do is better done using a material takeoff. If you were to explore a script, consider using the room geometry to assess the face area totals.


I have developed this script, it is far more complicated than you think, u need to handle the link model of door, room, rooms with/without ceiling, separation lines, curb etc
u can ask step by step, please show some works from you before u ask.