Dynamo new release 2.16.0 can not load Geometry Library

I can’t wait for using dynamo sandbox new release 2.16.0. :slight_smile:

As they said above, it looked like it needed a new version of a specific Autodesk product (ex. Revit, Alias, Autocad…), so I installed them.

I checked if the geometry nods work well after installing latest version of the program. In order Autocad 2023, Alias Surface 2023 and Revit 2023.

As a result…
unfortunately, still Dynamo new release 2.16.0 can not load Geometry Library.

I attach the log file.
Log.txt (3.1 KB)

Could you please help me to taste the upgraded cool stuffs of Dynamo?
Thanks Dynamo Team!

Sadly the short answer here, is that you can’t utilize the tool until the next update to Revit/AutoCAD/etc.

The latest release of Revit is 2023.0.x (for this conversation the X is irrelevant so I’m not getting hung up on that number). Until Revit 2023.1 comes out (I have no timeline but I do know it’s not out as of 2:30 am eastern US time on September 28th, 2022), If it drops tomorrow, you’ll be able to install it and play with the fun new stuff at that point on.

But until the time that the host integrations start to release updates (could be tomorrow, could be the day after, could be December) we’ll be unable to utilize any geometry based content in the new build. Sadly this makes this release a bit of a tease until the time that such content is released.


Thanks Jacob!

I really want the date will be tomorrow… OK. I’am OK. I will wait patiently. haha. :slight_smile:

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