Dynamo Mobius Band


Hi All,

i need your extreme support, i have just installed Dynamo 0.7 i need to create Mobius band , can anyone support me in how to create it,

if anyone have sample of it, please send me link to download it,



Try this out:


I divided this into two surfaces to make it work.

Download: mobius.dyn.


thank you so much for your support and cooperation really appreciated, i have problem with the attached file, when i try to open it with Dynamo, nothing appear, i don’t know what is the problem exactly,

i will kindly ask you to provide me with another file or to screenshot all the component to do it manually,

once and again thanks for your support


10719494_10204983501934222_860563144_ni need this image in dynamo


I’m not sure why you wouldn’t see anything in the dyn file. Try re-centering the view so you can find nodes that are off screen, and try running the file.

Here is a screen capture:

Mobius definition


10719494_10204983501934222_860563144_n now i see it but i need the attached Mobius can you help me ??


Do you have specific questions about the project? The file I attached above should be a good start to showing how to define surfaces parametrically.

Just a hint too, if you need a particular shape, and it doesn’t need to be parametric or changeable, have you tried using a more traditional CAD tool? Dynamo can also read SAT files and import them into Revit, and Case has an alpha release for a library that reads and writes Rhino files.


It is the ability to create this shape are not? Sad!
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If your question is “is this possible?” the answer is yes.

My point, however, is that if you want one particular form, and you don’t care about variations on the form or downstream changes, then it may not be worth your time to script the process. Consider an example: would be faster to (1) add a bunch of receipts by hand, or (2) write a program to add a bunch of receipts for you? The answer depends on whether you plan to go through the process ever again, then it would be faster and more efficient to automate the process.

I would encourage you to try. The forum, here, can help you answer specific questions that you have along the way.


thanks for your support, i think now we need to make dynamo read rhino files as i have this drawing in rhino format, i searched the internet to add this function to dynamo with no luck to find it,

if you have direct link to download this add in to dynamo would be great,



Try this, from Case, Inc.




i tried your link several times ago but actually they didn’t send any link to me, i have already rhino file in the below link, i need to transform it into dynamo can you support ??


<span class="_5yl5" data-reactid=".1u.$mid=11412682871241=284103c0b1285afb536.2:"><span data-reactid=".1u.$mid=11412682871241=284103c0b1285afb536.2:">https://www.dropbox.com/sh/keyjnvx2o2s491w/AAAEhU8kafxGnetGoK5Al–da?dl=0</span></span>


hi Colin,

first of all i need to thank you for your usual support,

second i am very beginner in using Dymano and i have project in my collage and i have to understand it, actually i told my instructor about your support and how you supported me in the above Mobius, so he requested to have a screen shot from your side showing every component description and what it do in the total Mobius

i kindly request your usual support to send me each component and what it exactly do i mean the components in your Mobius sent earlier

if you don’t have time to do this i will totally understand

let me thank you again for your support


Hi Sherin, Unfortunately, I can’t distribute someone else’s code, so you’ll have to go through Case for Rhynamo.

As far as learning how to make stuff, have you gone through the tutorial videos? They really are pretty good, they’re up-to-date, and they will help you step through how to think about visual scripting. I don’t think it will do you much good to explain each node in the mobius definition until you have a broader understanding of lists, nested lists, etc. After that, the best way to learn is really to pick something apart. Take that mobius definition or the the sample files that load with Dynamo, and hook up “Watch” nodes to different output ports to see what’s there. Then try changing things to see what happens.

The forum is always here for questions you encounter. (Be sure to search old posts too; a lot of times “beginner-type” questions already have answers.