Dynamo list handling

Sample-Structmodel.rvt (2.6 MB)

Dear all,
Please see the attachments. I am trying to automate the scale bar based on the sheet scale. I get the result but the scale bar is referring to wrong sheets and hence picking the wrong scale.
Please help me where I am going wrong or is there better way to do this.
Thanks in advance.

Hi, you can refer my very simple screenshot -

The idea is to get all elements on each sheet with this node -
for example, than to filter only the scale bar elements - for example by filtering the element type name and then to feed the filtered list into the Element.SetParameter Node

Hi Petar,
Thanks for your help.
I tried your option, but i am getting “null”.
What is that iam missing.

Hi @ksultanahamed

Here is another possible way to collect elements in sheets using “CollectorElementsinView” from spring nodes package.

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Hi KulKul,
Thanks for your reply.
Please see the attachment, i could manage to get the parameters of sheet by using Element.Parameters, but still at the end when i assign the value, it assigns to the wrong sheet. I have cross checked the sheet number for the scale and the detail item both matches. I dont where i am going wrong.
Anyway, i will try your option.
Thanks in advance
K. Sultan Ahamed

Hi KulKul,
Thanks for your guidance, I used your option and it works nicely.
Thanks again.
K. Sultan Ahamed