View or sheet an element is on?

Is there a way to quickly list all the views and/or sheets an element or family is located on? Thanks!

Yes there are a couple of ways i have seen.
Could you post up what you have tried so far and where you are getting stuck to see what direction to point you in.

Have a look here:

Ok those seem great but neither one is working, here is my latest fail:

Hmm that’s odd. Seems to work on my end. I’ve created a project parameter which is put on all elements in the model first and then run the script as shown below.

def ElOnSht(shts,func)
oldpar=elems.GetParameterValueByName("On Sheet");
elems.SetParameterByName("On Sheet",newpar);

Ok for some reason it works now when I tried it in a different model. Idk why though… but for some reason it is repeating some sheets a bunch of times. Is there a way to limit it to just on listing per sheet?
Is there a way to do this to find which sheet a room is on by typing in the room number?