Dynamo learn videos

Hi all,
i just start to learn dynmao and i watched Introductory Videos - 03. data management tutorial here. But it did not work for me, Math.sin node is with ‘double’ in video but it is ‘sin’ in my dynamo

this is mine
i cant put 2nd image but the tutoairl name is http://dynamobim.org/learn/ - Data Management
so the curved part had not created…
how can i get the final shape of lines?

If you check the Object.Type, it returns a double, despite it saying sin.
Does your graph’s outcome not match the video using the same numbers?

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Thank you.
I checked all nodes, wires, numbers and everthing same with video. Still it did not create same geometry…when i opened video database, geometry is okey but when i tried it, results are not same

Now i cannot quite see your screenshot but… It seems like a lacing issue (bottom right corner of each node, the symbol represent lacing) right click a node to change lacing :slight_smile:i think you’re using cross lacing instead of longest lacing :slight_smile:


THANK YOU sooo much. it worked!