Dynamo 'Jumpy'

Does anyone else have the issue with Dynamo being ‘jumpy’ and zooming out very quickly, or jumping over to another part of the graph? Sometimes when I use the mouse wheel and try to drag my graph it ‘throws’ me to the other side of the graph and I have to scroll wayyy out then all the way back in.

Checked my workstation and it well exceeds Revit/Dynamo needs. My Resource Monitor shows that even at jumpy times I am using (on average) 60% CPU, 55% memory, and 25% GPU.

Is this a bad setting I have on my end? Every version of Dynamo I have run on 4 different machines (home and work) behave like this.

I’ve experienced this many times on different systems as well. Not sure of the cause of this (or fix).

Its normally cussed by Chrome browser changing the scrolling speed of your mouse. I have a logitec, and if I have Chrome open, with Dynamo/Revit side-by-side and hover my mouse over Dynamo, scroll speeds go insane. You have to click into Dynamo or close Chrome to resolve the issue. At least, thats what worked for me.


I just recently installed Chrome on my workstation, but I was having the issues prior to installation.

One thing I have noticed that really magnifies the issue (in my case) is having multiple UI nodes from the Data-Shapes package in a graph…but only on some files?? Been observing this for a long time, and cannot find a correlation with anything consistent across all graphs :frowning:

If @Thomas_Mahon’s observation is an indication of the cause, then theoretically anything that leverages the same components could cause the same behavior.

Any recommendations on how to minimize or prevent the jumpiness? There are most days that I never open chrome, but the lag and twitchiness in Dynamo are still present.