Dynamo in Forma Beta

Hello world of dynamo :wave:

We are excited to announce that we now have Dynamo in Forma in beta! Come read all about it on our latest Dynamo blog post and the Forma blog post and take it for a spin! :racing_car: :rocket:

This is a new way of working for Dynamo than previous, as Forma is Cloud Native. What this means is you can expect to see changes coming out often and swiftly as updates can be almost instantaneous on the Forma side and simply require a package update on the Dynamo one!

The types of workflows unlocked at the AU2023 Beta Timeline are:

  1. Push and Pull geometry (Buildings and Terrain) to and from Forma
  2. Pull Metrics from Forma elements

and we’re looking to unlock access to Analysis results as soon as we can :crossed_fingers: :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Please let us know what you think in this thread as we want to move fast and do great things :star_struck:


Can Forma open Revit files so can run same Dynamo script than in Revit but in Forma?

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Forma can import Revit masses, but the integration is for interacting with Forma content, not Revit content.

One of my generative design sample graphs places a pair of cabins on a wooded lot. Originally the site data came from a Dynamo Sandbox instance, but it can also com from Revit, Civil 3D, OSM data, etc… Now with the Forma integration the site content can be pulled from Forma far more effectively than any of the other methods previously available, with the end result put back into Forma where I can do a detailed analysis of site data (ie: exact numbers of solar energy gain instead of relative degrees of light on the building).


As Jacob mentioned, there isn’t a context of “Revit stuff” in Forma, so we’re running on Forma stuff here :slight_smile: You can connect DynamoRevit to Forma however, and pull in Geometry from your Revit file, or use your Revit data to inform what you do in Forma!


I thought I was reading a dream lol, maybe other year we see the dream as a post here haha

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