Dynamo If Node won't pass 'true' result with specific input into 'false'


Hello Everyone, I am incredibly confused by this behavior of the IF node. The simple problem is shown in the picture below. I want to make a change to a list if it has a certain feature, and not make that change if it does not have that feature. The IF note however insists on returning the False result, even when I directly pass it the bool ‘true’. If I pass it something different to the false node, the true passes through, but this specific input into the false seems to break the IF node. The longer story is that I am trying to re-recreate what Zach Kron produced here: Circle Illusion It is obvious that I am making it way more complicated than he did, but that is beside the point. This if statement is to resolve an issue where anytime one of the little circles is at the center, they disappear. My dyn is attached. Any comments/suggestions are appreciated, but mostly, this IF node behavior is bugging me… what am I missing?

Figure out a way to avoid the Empty List

Seems like it works when the list structures of both the true block and false block are similar.

Oh, I see. The IF node is trying to be clever, and made decisions about what to pass within the lists themselves, as apposed to treating the entire list as an object.

Thanks for the tip. I’m using this IF node to deal with my empty list, so I just made my own python node to handle the if without any tricky list business.