IF Statment not working when "false"

I do not know why is not working with false statment it shows nor result can some one help me !

The true input has to be fed with sth. Just try to connect sth into the true input of the If node.

@mohamed.m.matook did but still not working … can it be beacuse my true input is an empty list !!

yes, I guess that is the reason. I honestly never worked with Dynamo if node but apparently, it does not take an empty list as input. You have to detect when the list is empty beforehand then replace it with sth else in case it is and leave it as it is when not.

Anyway, You can replace the IF node with this small Python node and copy in these few lines. The input of the true and false in this case does not matter.

# Argument
test = IN[0]

# True and False outcomes
t = IN[1]
f = IN[2]

if test:
	OUT = t
	OUT = f

thnx man it works perfectly xD

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