Dynamo help: Coloring conduits that are missing info

I’m trying to make a script which changes the colors of the conduits in my model (red for missing info and green for info present). I’m running into 2 issues.

  1. The main one is that the colors won’t override it. I’m 90% sure that the issue is between the list.filterbyboolmask and element.overridecolorinview. Specifically, I believe that the output for the former is a parameter value while the input for the latter requires an element.

  2. If possible, I’d also like to change it from a fixed string to a user inputted string. I.e. Instead of it only looking at “Feed from” I can have the user define it each time from a popup like you get when you do save-as on a file or even better a drop down menu. It’s not as important but It would still be nice.

I’d really appreciate any help with this because I know I am so close to getting this working.

Filter the element list, not the parameter values.

Look into Data-Shapes. This package is great for defining user input.

That got it working. Thanks.