Change color of conduit by filter

Firstly, I am new in dynamo. I create some script for electrical conduit. Its filtering conduit length between “300 to 400”. For example i find 15 conduit in this filter. I want to change selected element color in active view. I try to use


But ,I still can not reach the success. Maybe somebody can help me ?

your input to the override Node is wrong, the Element need conduit not numbers values

so you have to get first the element from first filter by bool mask, then get Length again, and get filter by bool mask from the element again, see image below :

Khuzaimah, thanks for your answer,

But i still got a error.

For some reason OverrideProjectionLineColor is expecting color to be a list.
FYI, you can also wrap both your conditional statements into one statement using DesignScript.

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Nick Thanks for your idea. Its done now.

When i change Lacing to Shortest its working perfect!