Dynamo GUI ideas / concept discussion

Hello everybody,

I’m not sure if it exist a similar topic, if it is the case please merge. To be honest, I’m not sure, whether the Community can affect UI design decisions. But as Dynamo is a community based project I try it ^^

I have been thinking some changes on the Dynamo UI, mainly rearrangement of some elements, to shorten the movement between each other. Also, I thought to clear some elements that wasting space. <span id=“result_box” class=“short_text” lang=“en”></span> (ihmo) (<span id=“result_box” class=“short_text” lang=“en”><span class=“hps”>Space requires the </span><span class=“hps”>graph</span></span>)

So I put my thoughts in a Mockup , to share with you. This not a perfect concept, especially the colortheme of the nodes and some node gadgets, must be rethink. But I think some parts are very interessting.

Unfortaly I’m not a programmer :frowning: (expect the DynamoUI was programmed in html/css :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). So I hope someone thinks “hey some cool stuff” and tried it to programmed ^^


Feel free to post your opinion




















I thought a ribbon on the top, would be for beginners very helpful. But I gave up because I was not satisfied with the visual quality of my concept ribbon and I have not enough experience with Dynamo to arrange all nodes.

I like the idea that more people would take a genuine interest in what the GUI will look like but I am honestly more interested in the functional aspect of the GUI. For me the biggest annoyance with the GUI are simple things like not being able to export the definition to a PNG with transparent background. The fact that search comes up with the most ridiculous results almost every time. The fact that search doesnt get automatically reset and that I have to hit escape to reset it. This list goes on and on…but if we can get all that sorted then I would be more than happy to contribute some tips about what the node status displays should be like etc. For now, its function over form for me.

Thanks for putting it together though. It’s an interesting proposal.

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The random search results are terribly annoying…

I’d like to see something like the revit QAT where we could dump selected nodes that we use often (List.Combine, List.Map, Python Script, etc…) or perhaps “Favorites” folder of sorts that could be the “preferred” search result. Or a more robust right click menu that could contain a selection of common nodes…i love being able to double click for a code block, but that’s about the only thing that i can get to quickly…

Right now I’ve made some temporary custom nodes that are just wrappers around the default nodes but with shorter names. For example “-gm” is a wrapper around “Element.Geometry” because it doesn’t show up at all when searching for “geometry” or “element”.

Similarly “-il” is short for “FamilyInstance.Location” which always seems to be on the bottom of the search results when looking for “location”.

hahaha, Dimitar that’s whack man! How do you share your definitions with anyone? Speaking of which it seems to be there needs to be a notification window that appears when opening somone’s definition and it contains custom nodes - similar to Grasshopper. Right now they just open all broken and you have no idea where they came from.

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Ben Osborne ..... Or a more robust right click menu that could contain a selection of common nodes….i love being able to double click for a code block, but that’s about the only thing that i can get to quickly…
Often I thought, a custom MarkingMenu, as in Maya would be very helpful. I think Grasshopper has a similar function but I'm not very versed in it.


What bothers me is the “[Accept] requirement”. Every changes on the node (name etc.) must be accepted. Imho this is realy annoying because the changes are not important. I would wish, that changes would be automatically accepted, if I click on the graph.


@Konrad K Sobon

Every idea is welcome. I think it is good, wishes/ideas to discuss with the cummunity to check if other user have similar needs. Maybe as a guidline for the developer.

But I’m not sure, if someone of them noticed it ^^


PNG with transparent background at full resolution is now supported with Dynamo 1.1 that has just been released, at least that’s one down :wink:

I agree with the above suggestions and on the off chance of this thread getting elevated to a Dynamo UI wishlist, I will add my bucket list items:

  • Python script window to open on user workspace CENTER
  • alt+tab to treat Revit and Dynamo and any sub item as a single window, so you can alt+tab to browser and back, and not between Revit and Dynamo o.O
  • information about which package the nodes originates from (this is a +1 on Konrad I think)
  • fix search, it’s the most painful one indeed
  • ESC to cancel left mouse node connection linking
  • Right-click + search menu (active) has priority over other applications’ windows
  • visual cue to prompt the difference between default dynamo nodes and imported packages

Thank you.