Dynamo geometry to Robot Structural Analysis

Hi, I have generated a geometric model of a steel U frame bridge in dynamo.

The geometry import seems to run very hot and cold. Has anyone tried this workflow?

I am generating the geometry in dynamo and importing/reading to Robot Structural analysis. It is a finite element analysis and the analytical panels node has been used.

I have got nested lists in Dynamo I have used list @level and I am wondering if I am missing a trick to get the geometry into Robot. Branches are quite large in some instances. I tried flattening the nested lists of surfaces as a last resort.

All in some geometry gets imported in and some does not, a bit puzzling and frustrating.

The attached definition has manual controls.I am also finding Dynamo rather fragile.

Skewed_grillage_template _25_single_Rev_G_Ana3.dyn (147.5 KB)