Dynamo freezes when graph modifications are made

Hi guys,

So I would like to ask your help regarding a performance issue I’m experiencing.

I’m working on a somewhat larger model than usual. Between the normal modification actions, Dynamo sandbox 2.8 freezes quite often for some time, like 10 seconds or so, before I can continue. This happens for instance when:

  • Entering and exiting a Code Block
  • Creating new OOB Dynamo nodes
  • Attaching wires
  • Zooming in and out on the graph
  • And also when entering and exiting custom nodes

It’s not related to running the graph itself using the run button or F5, that seems to work fine and is fairly quick, given the size of my model. I don’t see any obvious resource drains in the task manager, like CPU or memory (ok, memory is a bit high, but at 40% or so).

I’m working with:

  • Dynamo 2.8 Sandbox
  • One package containing selfmade ZT and NM nodes, including ones that create geometry
  • Custom nodes
  • Code blocks
  • a couple of watch nodes

Which is usually no problem for smaller models.

The issue is getting a bit of a drag to be honest, although I try to be patient.

Is there anyone who knows a solution to this problem? I know there may be tons of reasons why this is happening but maybe the solution is simple? Should I work on a more recent laptop? Mine’s from 2017 but still fairly up to date.

See this video to understand what I mean:
Example of slow performence

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Hi Michael,

I had similar issues when my default package location was on a shared network location.
The freezes were mor likely to happen when searching for nodes but I experienced the same issues like you’re describing.

Hi MVE1112!

Could that be the case too when working from a Dynamo file in a OneDrive folder?

My packages are all local though. I will test what happens when I put my files on a non-OneDrive folder.

[update] No noticeable improvement unfortunately…


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Is it possible for you to share your graph?
Have you tried it on a different computer?