Dynamo 1.2 - Save/Chose/Open seems to break (custom) nodes

Strange issue - I build a graph containing custom Spring nodes - executing after building works fine - save/close/reopen - the graph is dead… Anybody have similar issues?

Please update the title of this post to be more descriptive. Thanks!

I have not thoroughly tested yet - but the pattern is clear. The graph is super simple, get model element > element.geomtry > springs.famylyinstancebygeomety. Works fine when freshly built in session, dead after saving/closing/reloading

When I open, save, or save dyn files with dynamo, dynamo crashes and pops up this error hint. I hope you can get help, thank you. My software version is 1.3. I am Chinese, my English is limited, please forgive.

Is the problem solved? I am the window 10 installation Revit 2018 and dynamo1.3 appear the same problem as you. Thank you