Dynamo for consultants

Hi all.

I am brand new to Dynamo and I have a list of repetitive, time consuming tasks that I hope to resolve using this program.

I’ve been googling and found a couple scripts that will save a lot of time but was hoping someone here knew of any that could be used for the following:

  1. Copy/Monitor grids and levels from a linked model.

  2. Delete zero values from a schedule.

  3. Highlight changes in a linked model from last version.

  4. Relocate project if linked model coordinates change (everything would move to suit the new coordinates).

  5. Anything that you think would be helpful.

Thank you!!

All of these are possible. Have you searched the forums? Please see this FAQ How to get help on the Dynamo forums

Hi @EvaSigurdardottir
I think that the first point (copy monitor) it’s not possible with dynamo.