Dynamo for non-programmer?

Hey guys,

I’m new to Dynamo but love the idea of it. I’m good at logic based functions but crap at code and only understand about 1/3 of what I see posted on here for helps. Python and similar are just right over my head. All that being said, I’m hoping someone with some time, a kind heart and lots of patience, can help hand-hold me through a project or two to get my into the swing of things.

My first project is to take several 3D views and in a specific order select all pipe and duct elements visible in that view and update their custom parameter “Associated Level” with a descriptor of the floor, I was planning on using the view name, since floor level is included in that, and we will already have that listed. Once this select and update parameter has been done to all the views in the project that contain “Tracking” in their name, then I would like for it to open any schedules that contain “Tracking” in their name.

Sounds easy enough, and I know Boolean filters are in my future. Any assistance that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. Even if someone wrote our the script, I’m fairly sure I could dissect it sufficiently to figure it out with some minor help. Thank you all in advance.

Check out Kul Kul’s response here. That will get you started with selecting Views and Filtering for the ones you want.