Dynamo for Civil 3D - Return station offset values for list of points with X,Y,Z coordinates


I’m looking to return station offset values from a list of points (PNEZD comma delimited filein Dynamo using a Civil 3D alignment. I understand I can do this in Civil 3D with reporting features but would prefer to do this in Dynamo if possible. Please see below for graph.

Check out this Python solution from @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1

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Thanks for sharing Keith! I’m no python expert but was able to utilize the script to suit my needs.

@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 I added your python script that @keith.sowinski shared above and modified it as per your instructions around line 95. The embedded python script runs but is only returning one station offset value in the node output. Please see screenshot. GHD_GetStationOffsetByNorthingEasting_2019-09-20_09-43-11|690x197

Hi @Alex.ColeAAFHE ,

Based on reading the graph in your image. I believe you end up having one output of dictionary because you enter 1 value only. How about try to make it as a list based on the count of the same input you use for IN[1] and IN[2]? Please see sample image as a guide.



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