Inconsistent Station in Alignment.StationOffsetByPoint


I am facing a problem, i have two alignements both of them are 500 m long approximately. But when i’m looking for the station and offset of some points i havec stations that are superior to my alignement length, see below :

What am I missing?

Hi @bertrand.savarit - it depends on what the starting station for the alignment is, correct?

In my case it seems ggod :

Hmm that is strange. It looks like you have 2 alignments…do they both start at 0+00?

yes, i only send you a screenshot for the first one but both of them are starting at 0+00

@bertrand.savarit could you share the DWG and DYN?

I try to simplify it to share you something

DEBUG STATIONS DYN.dwg (899.2 KB) DYN DEBUG.dyn (110.2 KB)

Hello, you will find attached a really simplified dyn and the dwg where i have some inconsistent results…

Thanks for your help!

@bertrand.savarit what is this node supposed to do? image

where is the “H” coming from? It is disconnected in the graph

Here is the custom node Remplacement_Direction.dyf (9.5 KB)

Sorry, H is an Input H=3300

OK there was some settings to adjust for the rail cant but I can reproduce the issue at least on V1, V2 seems ok. I’ll have to investigate further why that is. The call to the API is returning the correct values and as far as I’m aware the Dynamo node is calling the same method: Alignment.StationOffset(easting, northing, ref station, ref offset)

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Could you share the Python code for my personal culture?


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@bertrand.savarit Civil 3D Toolkit 1.1.12


You’re a genius!

What will give the Elevation Output of the node?

The Z value of the Point as the alignment has no elevation

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