Dynamo, Excel and Autocad

Hello, I was searching for one workflow and I was reading that Dynamo can link excel and AutoCAD.

anyone can help me sharing a single example merging excel AutoCAD and dynamo?

for example for a line, I want to write in excel coordinates:

A1= 0,0,0


then, what should I do in dynamo to use these coordinates since excel to draw in AutoCAD?


The lovely folks that run this site have done a great job providing 101-style tutorials to cover core concepts. Among them is Excel->Revit and Revit->Excel processes.

I would recommend running through the Primer, though if you just want a quick snapshot to know it can be done, there are videos at the bottom of that link.

You can simply read Excel data and draw lines in Dynamo, then use LinkDWG/LinkDW2 package to export Dynamo line into active AutoCAD document